the accidental autumn {williamstown extended family photography)

Just a little heads up… I’m about to talk about the weather.

“When is the best time to book an autumn session?” is a question that makes me nervous. It’s trickier than it sounds, and the answer is not “autumn”.

Firstly it’s Melbourne, our seasons are suggestions.ย  Kind of like a movie that is based on the book and takes creative licence… summer is based on summer but may contain elements of spring and winter. May contain traces of nuts. Etc.

Secondly… it’s a fine line. Too early and the leaves haven’t even changed yet. A little later but still too early and the leaves have changed but not yet fallen, and how will the kids frolic? Wait too long after the leaves have fallen and they get wet, mushy, a bit composty.

Happily, this family didn’t ask that question. They just wanted their extended family photographed somewhere in or near their local area, on a nice day. Any time, not fussy.

What a bonus for them when we gathered in Williamstown – in the middle of winter – to discover the leaves still carpeting the ground, crunchy as coco pops without the chocolate, begging to be frolicked among.

Happy days!









kylie & max got married {geelong botanical gardens}

I always come away from weddings on a high, in love with love, but this was particularly so after I shot Max and Kylie’s wedding day. There was a moment that struck me at the time, and I think I will always remember it. It was the moment when Max and Kylie were finally able to talk informally and semi privately, post ceremony, as they sat waiting to sign the bridal register. Over and above the fact they!!! …they were simply excited to see one another after what I imagine was the first separation in a long time. Kylie leaned in and asked Max “ohmygod! I haven’t seen you! What have you been doing?!” (or something very close to that). Their conversation continued like two friends catching up for a coffee. It occurred to me these guys are friends first and foremost. And that is a fundamental ingredient in forever.

My heart melted.


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curls and such {melbourne lifestyle family photographer}

Meet Liam and his gorgeous ma and pa, a family home where the love was so evident, I cannot help but think how fitting it was that their session took place on St Valentine’s Day.

Lotsa love here. And hair… lots and lotsa hair.

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eve {melbourne formal photographer}

So this is my girl Eve, all dressed up for her Year 10 formal. Yesterday she was little, then in two heartbeats she grew up. She is independent, adventurous, brave. She explores Melbourne all by herself any chance she gets. She is level headed, (usually) makes good choices, and always has nice friends. She is a people person who also loves her own company.ย She is adored by small children and grandparents, and liked by most people. She is supremely messy but kind of organised. She leaves everything to the last minute then somehow gets it done. She is addicted to chocolate and eats a lot more of it than she thinks I know. She hides the evidence in her drawers and under her bed, and thinks I don’t know that either. She’s smart and she competes with herself to get good grades. Most of the time she’s really chilled out… until she wants something really badly. Then she’s a bulldog. She has zero tolerance for drama queens, but she loves to watch it unfold… as long as no one is getting hurt. If there’s an underdog involved, she’ll have their back. She wants a big dog, preferably a Husky. She has a cat that is loving and fiesty in equal measure. Kind of like her owner. When she grows up she wants to go to university, live in the inner city, catch trams everywhere, and maybe marry a hipster. Or maybe that passed with her veganism.

And she. is. funny. Really, really, funny.

And beautiful.

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buddy and lovina {melbourne newborn photographer}

Buddy had been an only child for all of his 4 years of life, until Lovina entered the world and made him a Big Brother. He had been a little unsure, preferring to admire her from afar, for now. It turned out this day was the first time Buddy had agreed to hold his baby sister. It cost me about fiddy cents. Don’t judge me, I’d do it again in a heartbeat.
Melbourne lifestyle newborn photo session