the light bulb moment {melbourne family photographer}

Once upon a time, my kids were little and they would allow me to photograph them. Oh there were challenges at times related to keeping them in one spot, or smiling with open eyes at the same time (Jed could only ever do one or the other for such a long time)… but my point is they were at least willing.

Then they got a little older and I began to experience a flat out no. That’s when bribes became the order of the day and I could buy recorded memories for a little longer, for the small price of a chocolate biscuit, 15 minutes of tv after the regular bedtime, a packet of Mighty Beanz, or $5 if I was really desperate. But eventually a combination of my waning generosity and their growing currency eventually put a stop to that (seriously they wanted like $50).

Hence forth came the period during which our family album went blank. Like a paused video (hello child of the 80s).  I imagine them in 30 years looking through our albums and asking me where I sent them from around 2010 to 2016. It was boarding school in Siberia in case you’re wondering. No wait, that was just in my daydreams.

But then what happened is, I grew a teenager. Then Instagram happened. And all of a sudden the teenager liked her mother’s portraits of her and they were much better than her own selfies and she wanted fodder for her feed. One child willing again, tick! But wait, there was still the other one, not yet a teenager, and he didn’t care about Instagram. Occasionally the teenager, sometimes referred to as Eve, could talk him into posing with her. She’s 4.5 years older and some days he wants to impress her. Not many, but some.

Well guess what. Jed has discovered Instagram. And he has asked me to email him random photos I’ve taken of him back when he was a) willing; b) unawares; c) asleep; d) my birthday; e) distracted by shiny things; or f) not in a position to stop me.

Light dawns, my eyes sparkle with mischief, a smile spreads across my face. Soon he’ll use up all the old photos he’s willing to share with the world (that world being his private instagram account with 21 followers), and he’ll need/want/request new photos. It’s coming. The family album will rise again.

Whilst we’re waiting, here’s some I made earlier… before (and some during) they paused the video.

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3 September, 2016 - 8:47 pm

lea Pam, these are *fantastic* !!!

17 April, 2016 - 10:17 pm

Leanne Stamatellos Well written – lovely Pam x

22 March, 2016 - 2:05 pm

Liz Hehe, so awesome! These photographer kids don’t realise how lucky they actually are to have amazing photos. Such a great collection x

16 March, 2016 - 3:18 pm

Melanie Birt I love this post Pam… something so many parents can relate to (and even harder to deal with for photographers). Glad the kids have seen the ‘light’! These images are cool…

10 March, 2016 - 12:31 pm

Susan Oh how I can relate!
What a gorgeous set of memories you have there though! So beautiful.

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